Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweater Hooters!! Another UFO Done...

Aren't these owls cute?!!!

I made them from a
sweater that I saved
from the Goodwill bag
not once but twice!!!

It has been in my to do
box since last fall!

This is the sweater,
a medium of which
I am not anymore
and since It will be
awhile if ever that
it will fit so I have
had plans to try to
make owls...which
I love!!!

I used the sleeves
for the small ones
and wacked a big
one out of the center
of the body!

With a little felt,
buttons, stuffing,
and embroidery

An owl family!

So grab a throw
away sweater and
start creating!!!

Happy sewing.............Carlie


  1. I'm glad you saved the sweater! Your owls look very cute!

  2. I'll bet it was a hoot making them:) Love the name Little Hooters.

  3. Your owlies are the cutest!!! They remind me of my grandmother, she was a major owloholic. She'd die over your work! Have a wonderful New Year!
    Take Care,

  4. OMG!! I really like your stuff!!! I hope one day i can do something like you do.. :D

  5. Hey! You won my giveaway! I just need your email address, so we can get in contact with you!

  6. Hey Carly get in touch you are the winner of my giveaway x