Sunday, October 17, 2010

Placemat Arm Caddy Tutorial

Since I finished 3 of my UFO's I
decided to sew my arm caddy.
I have had the placements for
awhile to do this with so it could
be considered a UFO too!

I used two quilted placements
that cost around $3 .

Cut the placemat from
each end 6".

Cut the center into
3 pieces. I used the
quilting design to
determine where to
cut. I used the center
as the pincushion.
The other two
pieces will be used

I zigzagged the cut
edges of the big
pieces for the

Sew rick rack or used
another trim to cover
the edges. I left an inch
to turn under when I
sew it on.

Pin in place the
piece for the
pincushion and
sew around 3
sides leaving
the last open to
stuff and then
sew it closed.

I also sewed a 20"
piece of rickrack
to attach scissors
under one end.

I sewed rickrack
around the pincushion
and embroidered
flowers with french
knots and lazy daisies.

I made a yoyo flower with
two leaves and attached
with a button.

Sew the pockets on.

I cut the smaller
center piece in
half and zigzag
the edges.

Cut 2 pieces of
felt and place
in the center
between the
two pieces and
zigzag the back
edge making a
book for needles.

Now I am ready
to sew and finish
a few more UFO's!

I hope you have
fun making one.

You can use the
back of the placemat
if you want more
of a contrast.

Happy sewing!.............Carlie

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