Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tshirt Re-do Tutorial

This is Meghan my oldest Granddaughter.
She spent the night and we decided to
re-do some old tshirts.
This one we cut off the neckline and then
cut it right down the center of the front.
Then with a rotary cutter I cut
strips 1" apart and 3" long on each side.
Then all you have to do is tie the sides
together and you have a neat new shirt!

Then Meghan wanted a shirt with the back
cut in strips(I don't know why but I did it!)
The cuts were 3" apart and almost all
the way across the back.

I made a second one (after she love the
first one so much) of a different color
and didn't cut it so far to the side.

Then I decided to try one for me. So I bought
2 tshirts for $3 and cut off the neckline and
sleeve hems on one shirt...

Then I cut the bottom of the second one into
3" strips.

The I sewed two strips together to make a
large circle...then I sewed a long gathering
stitch down the middle.

Next I pinned the gathered ruffle around the
neckline (that I had already turned under
about 1/4" and stitched). Then I sewed it
on top of the gathering line to the top of
the neck.

Using the same method only using 1 piece
for the ruffle, I did the sleeves...

The finished product...I thought the ruffles
were a little large so I trimmed them down about
1/2" on each looks much better so I
would recommend to cut the strips 2" instead
of 3". I like it a lot and will try another one soon!

Happy Stitchin'...........Carlie

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