Sunday, September 5, 2010

Painting Time

I finished two painting projects this week.
I seen furniture painted like this at an art
gallery in Biltmore NC. Of course I will
never be able to afford it, but my oldest
daughter said that I could make my I did!!!

Here is a closeup of the fall side.
Each side is a different season.

Here is the chest before being put together.
I saw a lot of furniture that is very pricey
on 'Sticks Furniture' website.

But since I couldn't afford them I did
my own. And I loved it!!!

Now I'm looking around for more old
furniture to paint!!!

I had an old farm table that had seen better days.
This is the before...

After sanding it down I drew the design
on and then wood burned it.
Then I painted it with acrylic paint.

This is the after...


  1. shoot! amazing! is right. I was getting ready to say that, then I saw barb said the same thing!
    great job on both pieces!