Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweater Hooters!! Another UFO Done...

Aren't these owls cute?!!!

I made them from a
sweater that I saved
from the Goodwill bag
not once but twice!!!

It has been in my to do
box since last fall!

This is the sweater,
a medium of which
I am not anymore
and since It will be
awhile if ever that
it will fit so I have
had plans to try to
make owls...which
I love!!!

I used the sleeves
for the small ones
and wacked a big
one out of the center
of the body!

With a little felt,
buttons, stuffing,
and embroidery

An owl family!

So grab a throw
away sweater and
start creating!!!

Happy sewing.............Carlie

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look what I Won!!!!!

I won the cutest bucket of charming
fall stuff from Olde Corps Primitives.
Head over and check out her cute

Thanks Miranda!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Placemat Arm Caddy Tutorial

Since I finished 3 of my UFO's I
decided to sew my arm caddy.
I have had the placements for
awhile to do this with so it could
be considered a UFO too!

I used two quilted placements
that cost around $3 .

Cut the placemat from
each end 6".

Cut the center into
3 pieces. I used the
quilting design to
determine where to
cut. I used the center
as the pincushion.
The other two
pieces will be used

I zigzagged the cut
edges of the big
pieces for the

Sew rick rack or used
another trim to cover
the edges. I left an inch
to turn under when I
sew it on.

Pin in place the
piece for the
pincushion and
sew around 3
sides leaving
the last open to
stuff and then
sew it closed.

I also sewed a 20"
piece of rickrack
to attach scissors
under one end.

I sewed rickrack
around the pincushion
and embroidered
flowers with french
knots and lazy daisies.

I made a yoyo flower with
two leaves and attached
with a button.

Sew the pockets on.

I cut the smaller
center piece in
half and zigzag
the edges.

Cut 2 pieces of
felt and place
in the center
between the
two pieces and
zigzag the back
edge making a
book for needles.

Now I am ready
to sew and finish
a few more UFO's!

I hope you have
fun making one.

You can use the
back of the placemat
if you want more
of a contrast.

Happy sewing!.............Carlie

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Owl Bag

I just love owls and have wanted to make
an owl bag for a while.
This is what I came up with first.

I used yoyos and buttons for the eyes
and I had an antique plastic belt buckle
that I use for the beak. I attached it
to the quilted head piece that made
a flap for the bag.

I quilted the wings and used prairie points
for the chest feathers and made an
outside pocket. I also quilted the
piece for the tail. It seemed to look
kinda fishy because of the prairie
points and tail and it was long
and narrow. The next one will be
shorter and wider but I know what
to do now! But I still like it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

UFO Finishes and Fairy Ring

I finished two pillows to match my quilt and
will have a small quilt top ready to quilt
this weekend!!!

It is a little hard to see in the picture, but
Meghan looked out my front window
and saw these mushrooms and yelled
'Grandma...a fairy ring come quick!'
And sure enough a ring of white mushrooms!
but no fairies sighted..all the pity!

Then looking around I saw a lot of large
yellow mushrooms... this one was neat
with a leaf molded to the top!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finished UFO Quilt!!

Yiipee! Got 1 finished and XXXX to go!!
This star quilt was started 2 years ago
when I was teaching my daughter-in-law
how to quilt. She got her's finished!!!

This is a closeup of the rose quilting design.
It was hand quilted which is why I paused
to do other things!!!

An the back is a nine patch. Now I need to
get one more finished so I can paint a
round end table.

Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I won a Jack-O-Kitty!!!

Isn't it adorable!!
I won it from Aunt Manny's Creations
She has the cutest things...please check out her blog.
Thanks again Manny!! I just love it and can't wait
to decorate with it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Quilts

Got out my fall quilts....

This was last year's UFO...a scarecrow quilt
that only took 9 years to finish!!!

This one was a class I took in Arizona at
The Quilt Basket in Tucson. I loved that shop!!!

This one was a lot of fun to make. The leaves
have a 3-d effect from the prairie points
on the leaves.

This is one of my designs with pillow to match.

I Love Fall!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello my name is Carlie and I am a craft-a-holic!!
I took off two days last week to go through
my 'room' in the basement that had a lot
of my crafts that have been
down there for 10 years.
Having been referred to as
being a 'hoarder' by my daughter every time
that I said 'Someday I will make something
with that...' I let go of a lot of crafting junk.
We had a yard sale and made only enough
to take the whole family but 3 out for
all you can eat BBQ.

But I did keep a lot of my UFOs!!
As you can see my table is full and
this is only a part!!! Yeah I have it bad!
I get excited with new ideas while
I am working on one thing that I
will stop and start something else.

This ATiskit, A Taskit BOM from Bunny Hill
that I have been working on at lunch and I
only have 3 more to go!!

Then I started a small basket quilt to work
on at lunch!! yeah I'm addicted...

Here is two redwork quilts that I designed...
Maybe I will start a freebie BOM with
them so it will get me going to finish them!!

This is another of my designs...a dulcimer quilt.

This is a stack n' wack quilt that I took a
class on. I did finish the quilt I made with
the scraps!!! But alas this one isn't quilted

This is two embroideries that I did to make
pillows for spring...several springs ago...

This is a king-size quilt that I started and got 80%
quilted 11 years ago and then we moved....

My tea pot quilt that is 75% quilted...also
started 10 years ago!!! what you ask???
I am airing my dirty and unfinished laundry
so that I will be shamed into getting them
Does this happen to anyone else???
I also write and have several books
started. It's a illness isn't it???

So I am not going to start anything new
until I finish at least two UFO's.

I will keep you posted on the results!!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Finishes!

This is my small scrap pumpkin quilt.

This is a fall bag I made and use as a small
craft project bag.

I made this out of upholstery samples
using a pattern from a tutorial on
a blog that I can't seem to find at
the moment!

And this is little Emma with her 'Dorothy'
Raggedy Ann!

Have a great day....Carlie

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tshirt Re-do Tutorial

This is Meghan my oldest Granddaughter.
She spent the night and we decided to
re-do some old tshirts.
This one we cut off the neckline and then
cut it right down the center of the front.
Then with a rotary cutter I cut
strips 1" apart and 3" long on each side.
Then all you have to do is tie the sides
together and you have a neat new shirt!

Then Meghan wanted a shirt with the back
cut in strips(I don't know why but I did it!)
The cuts were 3" apart and almost all
the way across the back.

I made a second one (after she love the
first one so much) of a different color
and didn't cut it so far to the side.

Then I decided to try one for me. So I bought
2 tshirts for $3 and cut off the neckline and
sleeve hems on one shirt...

Then I cut the bottom of the second one into
3" strips.

The I sewed two strips together to make a
large circle...then I sewed a long gathering
stitch down the middle.

Next I pinned the gathered ruffle around the
neckline (that I had already turned under
about 1/4" and stitched). Then I sewed it
on top of the gathering line to the top of
the neck.

Using the same method only using 1 piece
for the ruffle, I did the sleeves...

The finished product...I thought the ruffles
were a little large so I trimmed them down about
1/2" on each looks much better so I
would recommend to cut the strips 2" instead
of 3". I like it a lot and will try another one soon!

Happy Stitchin'...........Carlie

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Painting Fever

I think I have got a painting bug!!!
This little dollar frame from Michaels
got a makeover to match my small chest.

I thought it would b a lot harder wood burning
a smaller piece but it wasn't so bad.
I also did a small shelf but my daughter
Heather liked it so I gave it to her
before I remembered to get a photo.

Now I have plans to redo another small
trunk, end table, and desk. If I can just
get them done before the fever subsides!!!

Have a great day...Carlie