Saturday, October 17, 2009

Record Purse, Great Quilt Find

This is another purse I made for my repurposing class.
I used two old 78 records and a wool jacket for the fabric.
One record was chipped so I sawed it straight across
and did the second record to match.
I cut the jacket apart using the pockets for the
pockets of the bag so I didn't have to make
them! I used the records as a pattern
for the sides plus 1 inch all around.
I used the pockets as a guide for the
width of the purse and sewed a
zipper in the top and handles on the
side. I tried to drill small holes in
the records to sew the record on but
it chipped so bad that I just decided
to hot glue it. My 11 year old
granddaughter Meghan loved it!

Now for my great find! I went to an apple
festival in Erwin, Tenn. It draws a big
crowd so every corner in this lovely
little town has a yard sale during
the festival. At one I saw a pile
of clothes and odd fabric with a
part of the quilt sticking out. When
I asked the lady how much she wanted
for it she paused and I just knew that
she was going to say fifty or more, but
to my surprise after saying that
it was just laying around in the
attic she said $5.00!!! I almost
jumped up and down! Of course it
has a lot of frayed spots and
some stain but I love it. And it
could be a good cutter quilt but
since I already have several and
I still haven't the heart to cut
them up....


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  1. What a beautiful bag and what a great deal you got!