Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Finishes on a Beautiful Fall Day

I started this felt mouse back in September
and got involved with other projects and
she got pushed aside. So after quilting all
weekend and getting the urge to start
a scrap quilt I made myself finish one
thing before starting something new.
Does that ever happen to you? The
creativity bug bites too often for me
to finish projects!
She is made of felt with felt hat and cape.
Her gingham skirt has a slip of orange
tulle that I got from Nan at Ole Crows
Nest Journal when I won her sweet candle.
Nothing goes to waste! I felted her pumpkin
which was the holdup in getting her done,
that and her skirt.

We also went on a ride to see the fall colors
with our girls, Nubbin and Widget since it
was so pretty and sunny. But the bushes
in my own front yard were the brightest!

The 'girls' enjoying the leaves!Hope you have
time to enjoy the fall too!


  1. That turned out really cute! I like the pumpkin quilt behind her too!

  2. Your mouse is charming! I am honored to contribute! The leaves are looking pretty there!