Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Great Giveaways

Check out this great blog for a fantastic giveaway!
Fiona and Twig......

Check out this great giveaway...there is also a Santa!
Go and look at Our Primitive Heart and sign up for the giveaway.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Finishes on a Beautiful Fall Day

I started this felt mouse back in September
and got involved with other projects and
she got pushed aside. So after quilting all
weekend and getting the urge to start
a scrap quilt I made myself finish one
thing before starting something new.
Does that ever happen to you? The
creativity bug bites too often for me
to finish projects!
She is made of felt with felt hat and cape.
Her gingham skirt has a slip of orange
tulle that I got from Nan at Ole Crows
Nest Journal when I won her sweet candle.
Nothing goes to waste! I felted her pumpkin
which was the holdup in getting her done,
that and her skirt.

We also went on a ride to see the fall colors
with our girls, Nubbin and Widget since it
was so pretty and sunny. But the bushes
in my own front yard were the brightest!

The 'girls' enjoying the leaves!Hope you have
time to enjoy the fall too!

I Won!!! I Won!!!

I can't believe I won one of these "gourdeous"
gourds! I can't wait to find out what it will
look like but with I'm sure I will love it!!
I would like to thank Lynda at
Haunted Swamp Designs for this
great giveaway!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Record Purse, Great Quilt Find

This is another purse I made for my repurposing class.
I used two old 78 records and a wool jacket for the fabric.
One record was chipped so I sawed it straight across
and did the second record to match.
I cut the jacket apart using the pockets for the
pockets of the bag so I didn't have to make
them! I used the records as a pattern
for the sides plus 1 inch all around.
I used the pockets as a guide for the
width of the purse and sewed a
zipper in the top and handles on the
side. I tried to drill small holes in
the records to sew the record on but
it chipped so bad that I just decided
to hot glue it. My 11 year old
granddaughter Meghan loved it!

Now for my great find! I went to an apple
festival in Erwin, Tenn. It draws a big
crowd so every corner in this lovely
little town has a yard sale during
the festival. At one I saw a pile
of clothes and odd fabric with a
part of the quilt sticking out. When
I asked the lady how much she wanted
for it she paused and I just knew that
she was going to say fifty or more, but
to my surprise after saying that
it was just laying around in the
attic she said $5.00!!! I almost
jumped up and down! Of course it
has a lot of frayed spots and
some stain but I love it. And it
could be a good cutter quilt but
since I already have several and
I still haven't the heart to cut
them up....


Friday, October 16, 2009

Bella Vista Giveaway

Check out Bella Vista for a great giveaway and a blog with great decorating ideas.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

millhouse Primitives Giveaway

Great giveaway and great blog!!
Check out Mill House Primitives but
hurry the drawing is Oct 12!!!

Gourdous Giveaway!

Check out these cute gourds
in the giveaway
at Haunted Swamp Designs.
The more that
enter means more prizes.
The drawing is Oct. 24....Happy Fall!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Repurposing Twin Bed, Pumpkin, Wool Skirt

I did a class at church last week on repurposing, reusing and recycling...It was a lot of fun and I found out that I really do use things for purposes than what they were intended...

This bench was a twin headboard and foot board.
I cut the foot board in half and screwed in into the headboard as the bench arms.

Then a board that matched was cut
to go across the front and one for
the seat. I really like the way it turned
out and since it was solid wood it
is very heavy...

I love to shop Goodwill and get old
wool skirts to use...I have made
several pillows from them as
the two crow pillows show...

I don't think this is recycling but
I do think it is repurposing!!!

I made an arrangement in a carve-able
pumpkin and it sit on an old chest in my foyer...

I haven't had a chance to do my
Halloween decorating but
will soon and I will get some pics posted.

Hope Y'all have a Happy Fall!!!!!!!