Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Bag Tutorial

This is my first attempt at making a purse out
of a hardback book. I took pictures along the
way and thought I would share how I did it...

First, pick a hardback that has a cover you like and is not attached to the spine. This book was
about three inches thick. I think the thicker the
better as this will determine how room you will have inside.

Next using a craft knife or razor cut the inside
of the book down the edge of the cover page
being careful not to cut into the spine. Do the
same to the back cover page and remove the inside.

Pick out your fabric and fold a piece in half and
place the book on top...opening it to the width
that you would like it to be able to open.

Lay the folded edge at the top ( the widest part)
and allowing 1 inch all the way around...cut out.
Cut two of these pieces for each end of the book.

You will need to sew 1/4" seam or glue the
edges together...I think the next time I make
one I will use an iron on fabric bonding material.
I used the glue gun as I wanted to get it done
fast with no sewing!!

Now you need to measure the front cover of
the book and cut two pieces of cardboard
slightly smaller than the cover...

Cut two pieces of fabric 1 inch larger all the
way around and clip off the corners leaving
1/4 inch from the cardboard.

Lay fabric wrong side up with the cardboard
on top. Put a little glue on each corner and press the fabric onto it. Run a line of glue down one side and fold fabric over it and press down smooth. Do the opposite side next and the the ends.

Do the same for the other piece of fabric and
cardboard. If you have ever made a covered
photo album this is done the same way.

Now measure two pieces of grosgrain ribbon
for the handles and one piece for the closing
tab. You could sew your handles if you would
like it to match. Mine were 24 inches. I cut a
piece 6 inches for the closing tab.

Glue them in place on each side of the edge
of the book. The tab is glued on the back
of the front of the book.

Now is the hard part...gluing the end pieces.
Run a line of glue on the front edge and press fabric to it being sure that the fold is even with
the edge. Then do the back edge. Then do the
bottom of the triangle to the spine. Repeat on
the other side.
Now cut a piece of fabric the size of the spine plus
1 inch all the way around and press the 1 inch on
the ends under.

Now starting at one end place glue on the folded
under part and press down over the end to cover the triangle edges. Working your way down the
spine by gluing a little at a time until you get to the other end.

Now to cover the uglies! Taking the covered cardboard piece place it inside the book and
starting at the bottom glue and press in place and hold till cool. Then glue the middle and last the top. Using clips or clothespins to hold the edges
until the glue is cool or dry depending on which
kind of glue you used.

Now the inside is finished!!!!

Now you need to place the flap on the back and
measure where to glue the velcro...keep in mind
that the bag will have stuff in it and that will make the tab shorter. Fold under the end of the
tab and glue it...then glue the velcro to the end of the tab.

Now you are done!!!! ...I wouldn't carry a lot of heavy things in it but it will hold a billfold,
comb and keys. Or this would be great to carry
the book you are reading and your reading
glasses in!!! ENJOY!!!



  1. How creative and unique!! Why you could do all kinds of purses with that pattern!!
    I also wanted to say I hope your granddaughter gets well soon! Atleast she got into the doctor and her flu taken seriously. Take care!

  2. Ohhhh this is such a wonderful idea! Terrific tutorial! Thanks.