Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Antique spinning Box, Sewing Room

Here is another view of my sewing room with my new framed bulletin board.
In the corner is an antique cabinet my son and daughter-in-law gave me for
Mother's Day to hold my threads.
This is an antique spinning box...the handle is a drop spindle
which comes off to spin...at least that is what I think it is!!!
Michael and Rachel gave me this also.
I love all old sewing and needle work stuff.

Here is a closeup with all the stuff out...it is real rustic looking.
Has anyone seen one of these before?

Nubbin my sweet little dog loves my clean sewing room and she can get on top
of my sewing table by way of a chair. She was checking out Zoe who has
a new basket to sleep in instead of the fabrics I'm working on.

Zoe was sleeping so sweetly until I got ready to take the picture!
Both of my cats love to sleep in my sewing room and if I
have a quilt on the quilt rack they act as if I put it there just for them!!!

Now that I have an organized room I hate to get it messed up again but
I have too many projects calling ut my name so I have to get busy....


  1. Your sewing area is nice.. and for tidy! I would die if anyone seen my messy room.. if I remember right there is carpeting on the floor.. LOL!
    I have never seen a spinning box before, it's a great find! Looks like you have a couple of sweet little sewing room helpers too!

  2. I love your sewing room!!! One day... I might have one like that, but it will be much messier!

    Please come over to my blog and guess again in the competition because your guess was too low and I've put another post up to try to draw more interest (although of course it would be better for you if there were only two interested!!!) Still, come and make another guess and see if you can get closer :)



  3. I LOVE your sewing room....and your blog!