Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunflower Arm Caddy and Basket Pincushion

This is a wool armchair sewing bad/pincushion.
The baskets are pockets and the sunflower is the pincushion.
My scissors fit nicely in the pocket and I have used an eyeglass chain to
attach it to the pincushion and it is always handy.
One leaf is a needlecase.

This is the other side and I sewed a bee button on the flower.

Here it is laid out flat.

I did a similar sunflower pincushion and attached it to the top of a basket.

I made a large stuffed bumble bee as another pincushion on the other side.

I seem to get in a theme and wear it out before I get tired of it!!


  1. Hi Carlie, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Reading your profile I was so excited to see that your grandaughters love sewing! Start them young, fantastic!

  2. What a great pincushion caddy!!! I also love the basket with sunflower pincushion and large bee - too cute!!!