Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Girl's Dress From a Button Up Shirt

I spent Saturday at Goodwill hunting through bins looking for men's button up shirts with my daughter so we could make dresses for my Granddaughters from a tutorial I saw on craftsters with;u=94114. This was one result. We also made a headband scarf from one sleeve.

This is the back of the dress which was the front of the shirt, minus the pocket. The back of the shirt becomes the front of the shirt with the yoke...

Here is my cute Kaleigh with the second dress with a vintage button between the collars which are hard to see on the patterned shirt. We didn't ruffle the straps on this one.

We made a headband with yoyo and buttons to match.
This shirt had two pockets
which we used to make a small handbag to match.

Isn't she cute in her new dress?!! This was so easy
and we have several more to make
(5 granddaughters) and we might even try to make big
girls top. I will try a tutorial with the next one.



  1. super cute, and oh so very clever! :) Looks wonderful!

  2. These turned out so cute! I can't wait to try one.